What happens next?

Well my script has now been all used up and we are off the map. Where do things go from here?

Well you'll be pleased to hear that the second arc should be starting within the next four days and it really opens up, you'll learn just a little more about what is going on and why they are doing what they are doing. Of course, we'll be heaping on more mystery and intrigue at the same time.

Behind the scenes we are working with something like the Marvel Method (one of the possibilities I mentioned last time we sat down for a cosy chat). I'm throwing in a sentence or two of plot about what is happening in each page and any key points we need to hit. They then pick up the ball and run with it (and they have run with it!!) and I sneak in later and throw Jim some words to slide in where he can.

It is a bit more of a seat of your pants ride but it seems to be staying on the right side of the disaster/triumph line, which is all we can ask and appears to already be fuelling some fine work (usually following "But I can't draw that you giant bastard!!").

We will also have our first guest artist for page 4 and the script is done and off. It is all a little rough and ready (so I hope they forgive us for modest vagueness about things yet to be defined), but should mean we have a better idea of how this process will work for the next arc when we are hoping to sneak a few more guests in. Of course, the next arc is the interesting bit for me, as I have left a big blank hole in this arc's story for the artists to fill and this will help define aspects of the story as we progress. So, I currently have no idea what will happen after this arc but don't worry, by the time we are stuck into this arc I'm sure the ideas will start appearing. They will won't they? Hold me, I'm scared, and just a little excited, so don't hold me too close.

Anyway as I was going to keep this short and sweet (although it didn't turn out to be either), I though it worth throwing in a little something we've stumbled across. As the eagle-eyed amongst you will be asking: "where is Mrs W's handbag?" Yep, every dimension-hopping pencil-pushing lady should have her own handbag packed with all sorts of knick-knacks to help winkle you out of nasty nooks and handy reference material to guide your through planes of reality filled with mind-warping chaos (as well as a spare pair of sturdy undergarments). Well she appears to have misplaced it, and we have somehow got our dirty mitts on it and we are feeling giddy and in the mood to share. Soooooo what have we here? Hmmmmmm a mysterious photograph of what appears to be a playbill stuck to a wall. What can it all mean? Don't ask me. Seriously. I'm making this up as I go along and I haven't got anywhere near this far into the story.